The Digital Platform is the critical communication channel that allows our various groups to publish their own multi-media content, research, interact and build profile. It enables all our users to be mobile, remote and global.

We conduct video and podcast interviews via Zoom or our studio in Belgravia, London, UK. Questions are developed for investors and clients so they can better understand a company or fund manager proposition and industry insights. These can be posted on the Senasen Digital Platform, external websites and media channels.

We will organise and host webinars for Companies and Fund Managers with investors who have shown interest from reviewing information published on the Senasen Digital Platform. Live presentations can be given with a question and answer session.

On a regular basis, we host a private lunch or dinner to discuss issues that are having significant impact on specific sectors of interest to our groups. The discussions are based on research shared with attendees prior to the event. Typically, Chatham House rules apply. These are held in London, UK at the RAC Club or Reform Club on Pall Mall.

Outside of our Digital Platform and Group meetings, we provide, where appropriate, direct contact with an investor or decision maker on client-side engagements.

Our team has extensive connectivity with media should broader exposure be a requirement.

We do not provide investment advice.

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